Ingredients Disclaimer

Important Ingredients Disclaimer

We do whatever we can to make sure the goodies we send to you are truly peanut and tree nut free. However, PEANUT FREE BOX is a retailer and we do not manufacture our own products.

Please note that manufacturers may change ingredients or production practices without our knowledge. Since each person’s food sensitivity and reaction is unique and reactions can be hidden, mild, or even life threatening, it is up to you, the consumer, to review and monitor ingredients and confirm manufacturing conditions. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of ingredient or nutritional information we provide nor liable for any adverse reactions caused by the products we sell.

Always read the ingredient label on the actual products before consuming them for the most up to date information. 

We research each product and manufacturer to determine whether the products are, in fact, peanut and tree nut free. We mainly use products reported by the manufacturer to be peanut and tree nut free and that are mainly made in a peanut and nut-free facility, or noted that they use a non cross-contamination area of a facility, and/or made on dedicated lines.